Happy 88th!

My mom turned 88 today. During our phone conversation just now, she wondered about the significance of “88.” When I wasn’t sure what she meant, she went on to say, “It means something automotive.” After we hung up, I asked Zippy. And being the son of a gear-head, he knew exactly what she was trying to remember.

“She’s talking about the Oldsmobile Rocket 88.”







I’d never heard of this car, but there are LOTS of them out there. Images galore!

This one was an official Indy Pace Car:


This one is just pretty:





And here’s the Oldsmobile Rocket 88 race car I dedicate to my mother on her 88th:


4 thoughts on “Happy 88th!

    • That’s so cool, Barb! I didn’t realize there were different 88 models. Zippy remembered the Rocket and that’s what I went with. Just talked to my mom again and she’s glad we’ve solved the 88 mystery. 🙂


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