A good day in the Mind-Doh factory

I’ve spent the day working on the third draft of my work-in-progress. Thanks to three reads (partial and full manuscripts) from the wonderful Writing Roosters critique group, the book is in pretty decent shape, which makes for a pleasant writing experience. I can see the good that’s already there and can easily envision the good to come. I’m about sixty pages from the end and hope to have the draft completed by the end of the month.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have this creative outlet.

6 thoughts on “A good day in the Mind-Doh factory

  1. Hi. I just took a look the Writing Roosters web site. I need to find/create a group like that. I could definitely use readers for several of my drafts.

    I was just reading about how Ursula Le Guin, after husband and kids were in bed for the night, would go up into her writing space in the attic and work for several hours. Dedicated/driven to write.



    • Critique groups can be a lifesaver. I’ve been in several different ones over the years, both in-person and online groups. This one came at the right time and just clicked in so many ways. I hope you’re able to find a group of readers that work for you. I’ve learned much about writing from reading and critiquing other people’s work. It’s a good give-and-take when it’s good. Keep me posted and/or let me know if you have questions about how to go about finding a group.


    • Thank you, Amy! Since posting that happy report, I’ve hit some snags that have me a bit worried about my timeline. But I’m putting my head down and plowing ahead.

      Happy writing to you!!!


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