Today I have a new appreciation for landfills

On Saturday afternoon I dug up lots of perennials and at one point went inside to put a FREE ad on Craigslist. I didn’t hear from anyone and so put the plants in my garage to keep them out of the freezing temps. Someone responded to the ad at midnight saying he wanted the plants. I responded Sunday morning to confirm and ask when he’d pick them up. Hours passed without a response. Then another person wrote to say she wanted the plants, using many exclamation points to convey her enthusiasm!!! She said she’d get them today.

That’s the last I heard from that woman despite the numerous emails I sent asking for confirmation. I just sent a text to the original responder who’d finally responded last night to say he wanted them, asking if he can pick them up today. No answer yet. Meanwhile, the plants are in my driveway and the temperature is dropping again.

Selling stuff on Craigslist results in way fewer problems than giving things away for free. I’m thinking I should’ve charged a few bucks for the plants so that people would’ve been more courteous throughout the process.

Tomorrow is trash day. Maybe I should admit defeat and embrace the landfill, like a good U.S. consumer-citizen.

4 thoughts on “Today I have a new appreciation for landfills

    • Right you are. It’s been a couple days of frustration, for sure. My compost bin and tumblers are near-to-full but I can probably add a bit more. The rest will go to the landfill.

      Happy gardening to you, too! Thank you for commiserating with me.


  1. I’ve found this ghosting behavior on free giveaway sites too, and it’s unbearably annoying and rude. How hard is it to send the briefest of messages, such as, “Sorry, changed my mind” or “Can’t make it after all”?

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    • Exactly! My saga continued when I woke this morning to an email from a man who wanted the plants. He said he’d come get them today. He asked for a photo of the plants so he’d now what he need to transport them. I sent the photo and never heard back from him, despite a plea for response so that I could get the plants into today’s trash pickup. Good news: someone took some of the plants. Bad news: I’m never going to engage with anyone the next time I list something for free. I’m done with the rude people. Sorry you’ve also experienced this, Jenn.


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