Sunday Confessional: I’m not feeling very neighborly

So many people in my neighborhood have signs in support of candidates and policies that are destructive and greed-based.  Candidates who want nothing more than to strip away our health care. Strip away protections for those with pre-existing conditions. Strip away health insurance coverage for young adults under their parents’ plans.

I tried explaining my family’s health care needs to a kind neighbor displaying a campaign sign for one such candidate, telling him it was hurtful to see that sign in his yard. He listened to what I had to say about my family’s medical needs and how that candidate’s policies would change our lives for the worst. He listened and then said he’d talk to A and D, two men in our neighborhood. Well, apparently my female opinion wasn’t enough in the face of men’s opinions because my neighbor still has the sign for the candidate backed by the Koch Brothers in his yard.

Then there are the many anti-Proposition 112 signs in the neighborhood. All of them saying it’s more important to save a few oil and gas jobs in Colorado rather than protect the health and safety of its citizens. Every time I see one of those signs I wish I could put a drilling rig/fracking site on their front lawn. It’s so easy to vote against public health and safety when you’re not at risk. There is zero chance we’ll ever have oil and gas operations in our neighborhood, so fuck everyone else around the state, right? Not to mention how insane it is to ignore the fact that the planet is on a crash course to extinction due to fossil fuels.

I apologize for venting here. I just wish my neighborhood was filled with people trying to behave less like ignorant greedheads and more like Mister Rogers. I’m gonna go back to my fictional neighborhood now . . .

8 thoughts on “Sunday Confessional: I’m not feeling very neighborly

  1. The real core issues in the elections are the where people stand on the dismantling of gains made in health insurance coverage for more citizens, medicare coverage for the elderly, social security, and environmental protection. The party in power does not want these issues focused on, and so diverts attention to an imagined “invasion,” which is already dwindling and has 800 miles left for tired people, and families to try and walk.

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    • It’s such a damning commentary on our lack of evolution. Greed & fear still drive the bus for so many people as we continue to willfully destroy the world around us. It’s not a beautiful day in the neighborhood.


  2. I feel your pain. I was dismayed to see every one of my neighbors gradually put up those signs after my signs went up after Labor Day. I wasn’t really surprised as half of those neighbors don’t bother with us in the first place…one of them holds on to our packages when they get mis-delivered and we have to go ask for them back, showing them the picture of their porch on the fedex tracking site. The last time she sheepishly handed over my husband’s opened box, she blamed it on her kids. Then she has the nerve to put her offensive signs right on our property line…and it’s funny how she doesn’t remember that section is hers when it’s time to shovel.
    What was really disappointing was when the neighbors on the other side put up the local opposition’s sign…I thought we were OK with them. But the opposition was seen posing for photo opps with the national candidate who blamed a vandalism incident (in which Swastikas and MAGA were spray painted on the home of a blue supporter) on the Democrats and their hate speech. Like you, we tried to talk to the neighbors, but in the end there went those signs.
    All we can do is vote and make sure we enable others to vote as well. And pray that we’ll all be able to live together in the aftermath. If any of my employees are unable to vote in the morning tomorrow, I’ll be sending them home early to take care of business. Enough is enough

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