Sunshine + exercise + a good doggo = win

December is a tough month for me because of the short days and colder temperatures. I try hard to get outside every day, but when it’s below freezing I stay inside. Today was sunny and warmer than the rest of this week so I took Emma for a run. We were both exceedingly happy to be outside and moving.  The shady parts of the streets were a bit chilly, but whenever the sun hit me it felt warm and wonderful. I’m definitely more upbeat as a result of our outing.

Post-run selfie as the sun slips behind the hill.

Unfortunately, the sun’s already setting behind the foothills and we’ll soon be in shadows. But my dose of sunshine, exercise, and Emma’s happy face will get me through another short December day.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine + exercise + a good doggo = win

    • Hey Barb! Yes, I take Vitamin D. I don’t use a special lamp but I do make sure to sit in the sunshine as much as possible. Fortunately, Colorado has lots of sunshine! 🙂

      We’re almost to the solstice. We can do this!


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