Twofer Tuesday: Green New Deal edition

I’m getting ready to head out to one of my senator’s offices to urge his support for a Green New Deal. I had a conversation with one of his D.C. staffers yesterday when I called (again) to ask that he co-sponsor the Green New Deal. I was told Senator Bennet doesn’t support it because he wants legislation that’s bi-partisan so that whatever is passed won’t be subject to political winds depending on who is in power.

Classic establishment Dem thinking. Water down the policy in hopes the soulless ghouls across the aisle will approve. This senator also thinks he might run for president. *insert hysterical laughter* If Senator Bennet thinks he’ll get anywhere without the support of the young people out there fighting for their futures, he’s incredibly out of touch. Which is what I told that staffer.

Here are my signs for this afternoon’s meeting:

I don’t have high hopes for Senator Bennet who voted to approve the Keystone Pipeline and said at the time he thought Keystone should be part of a bigger solution to climate change. (?!) BUT, I can’t not make the effort when so much is at stake.

Please, even if you’ve already done so, put in calls today to your two senators and one representative to ask them to co-sponsor the resolution for a Green New Deal. We’ve gotta go bold before it’s too late.

5 thoughts on “Twofer Tuesday: Green New Deal edition

  1. This is the playbook that brought us the private-insurer-based ACA (originally a GOP plan, in the hopes that would draw them on board) and the nomination of Merrick Garland (hardly a radical liberal; a choice intended to draw GOP votes). And we saw how much GOP support either of those got.
    What makes him think Lucy’s going to let him kick the football this time?

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    • Exactly. We don’t have the public option because good ol’ Rahm took it off the table before the ACA went out into the world. And don’t get me started on how the Dems handled the Garland nomination. They’re useless.

      The good news is our group said lots of really insightful things today AND we’re going to keep going back until Bennet finally realizes we’re not going away.


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