Hooping for international relations

Our friend Susan came to visit today before she flies across the pond to officially begin life in London. (She now has a visa and is totally legit!) Anyway, she and I are hooping buddies from way back and we try to hoop together whenever we can. It turns out I can’t embed video on my site, so I encourage you to play “Ooh La La” from Goldfrapp while perusing these stills from our afternoon session:

The final two photos show our hoops colliding which brought shrieks of laughter and big, big smiles. Our hooping technique may be suspect, but our passion and enthusiasm are real.

Love and hugs to Susan as she embarks on her grand adventure!

4 thoughts on “Hooping for international relations

    • If you do get a hoop, I highly recommend NOT getting a flimsy one from the toy store as those are very difficult to use. You want something heavier. There are many online how-tos for making your own. Happy hoopinng!

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