Sunday Confessional: I’m a slow learner

I’ve blogged before about people ghosting me when it comes to picking up free perennials from my yard. In fact, last fall’s episode turned into a huge, time-sucking disaster. After that debacle I vowed to only put plants out at the curb with a FREE sign on them and to let whatever happens happen.

So why did I reach out to the man who’d shown up last fall minutes late for those plants? Because he’d come all that way and left empty-handed (after someone from the neighborhood ended up taking the plants, I guess). But more importantly, I reached out because he seemed like a good guy in need of plants for the non-profit he started. So I texted him the other day and told him what I had available. He immediately replied that he was interested and that he could pick them up Sunday afternoon. He said, “I’ll text you.”

Sure, dude. Watch me age as I wait for that text.

This tortoise photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels seems a good representation of my current emotional state.

So here I am, again, with plants that need to be put in the ground soon. One garbage bag filled with Lamb’s Ear and another bag of Golden Yarrow and Russian Sage.

I’d ask if anyone reading this wants them, but we all know how that would play out.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Confessional: I’m a slow learner

  1. This is the thing that drives me bonkers about freecycling. I started to keep a blacklist of people who had stood me up, so that I would know never to offer them any further items. Like, how hard is it to send a text or email saying, “Sorry I won’t make it after all?”

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    • I’m with you, Jenn. Even though it’s happened to me SO MANY TIMES before, I really didn’t expect that man to disappear without a word. The good news is that I put his plants on the curb with a FREE sign AND put an ad on Craigslist. Someone took the plants and there was no muss, no fuss today!


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