Newsflash: we all need a haircut BUT

. . .bad hair days aren’t enough reason to accelerate the spread of COVID-19.

Wildebeest at Zebu’s graduation. May 11, 2018.

Yesterday, Denver nurses stood in intersections to remind the selfish flag-waving assholes in huge trucks that their demands to reopen the state so they could get their nails done were putting healthcare workers and others at risk.  Today, Colorado’s governor (Jared Polis) announced he was lifting our stay-at-home order on April 27.

I’m so exhausted.

3 thoughts on “Newsflash: we all need a haircut BUT

  1. I agree with you completely that 1) need for a haircut is no reason to endanger the entire state, and 2) I am so tired of the thoughtless BS that some people are spewing.
    This is a marathon, not a sprint. Be strong.

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  2. Hopefully enough people will still be doing the right things to avoid a continued rise in infections and death. The “president” of course would take no responsibility if things don’t go well.


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