Saturday buzzing on by

I chose to spend much of the day in bed, reading an adult novel (thriller/suspense) that came highly recommended. It made me grumpy for various writing-related reasons (mainly characterization), but I kept reading because I’d already invested so much time in it (I know, I know) but also because I was curious how it would wrap up.

Right after finishing that unsatisfactory book, I got an email with a Subject line that was one of my account passwords. That was disconcerting to see. The email was a  threat to blackmail me with video of me pleasuring myself to a porn video unless I bought BitCoin from this Alex fellow. I wasn’t worried about the video, because, well, there isn’t one. I was, however, worried, because the blackmailer had correctly identified one of my passwords. So I then had to spend a whole bunch of time changing passwords on various accounts. I admit to feeling a bit stabby at that point.

And that’s pretty much it for this Saturday.

April 27, 2020.


7 thoughts on “Saturday buzzing on by

  1. I’ve received a similar email several times, Tracy. The first time surprised me, but not later. They had part of my password but not the whole thing. I did change it on financial things. No bitcoin mentioned in mine, just plain money:( I hate stuff like that…life can be stressful enough!!!


    • I’d heard about these emails, but was still unnerved when getting mine. Turns out my mate got some, too, and his mentioned money instead of BitCoin. Guess there’s all sorts of approaches to this scam. 🙂

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