Bee my friend

Just went out on my patio which I mostly avoid because of my overwhelm regarding invasive weeds, cherry tree stump, and the general vibe of gardens run amok. But the anxiety I felt when I saw all the bind weed busily choking out my preferred plants disappeared when I tuned into the buzzzzzzzzz.

Yes, I have a weed issue. However, my gardens are full of bee-butterfly-bird-friendly flowers. And they’re out in force today.

Here is my very favorite bee. This one, unlike the others I photographed, didn’t hide behind the flowers or fly off before I got focused. This bee was very accomodating.







Thank you for coming to my garden, friend.


Today I’m earning my fortune

As I revise my middle-grade novel, plugging holes and solving plot problems, I’m keeping this sentiment in mind:

Luck is not chance, it’s toil;
fortune’s expensive smile is earned.
~ Emily Dickinson

Honey bees don’t need a pithy quote; they made the connection between luck and toil a looong time ago.

Acts of defiance


If bumblebees can defy the laws of physics,**
I should be able to defy the ennui of January.
So here goes:

Look at me!
I’m smiling!
(Okay, maybe it’s less smile than grimace, but I want a gold star for trying.)


**Brief online research revealed a lack of agreement on this issue.



Incessant buzzing

Because I finished my middle-grade revisions yesterday, I wanted to spend today zeroing in on a nonfiction project. So I sat down with the research books I’d checked out from the library a couple weeks ago and started reading. The topic I’d chosen was intentionally broad in the hopes that after pitching it, I’d be allowed to highlight different aspects in a series of books.

But my intentionally broad topic suddenly felt way-too-broad, and I knew I didn’t have the necessary enthusiasm to sustain me.

As I leafed through my nonfiction idea notebook, my brain started buzzing with other possibilities. So many projects had potential! So many projects sounded fun!

Buzzzz, buzzz, buzzzz……………..

My brain was overwhelmed by all those ideas and I needed to focus, damnit.


So I put on a metaphoric beekeeper suit.

After donning that protective gear, I wasn’t nearly as troubled by the many buzzing possibilities, and I’m pleased to say I was able to zero in on an idea with a series potential. Bonus: it’s stuff I’m excited to write about!


Oh, happy day!




Channeling Muhammad Ali

Bee on coneflower

I must dig deep to find the essence I’ve overlooked, hoping that as I revise I don’t trample the delicate structure already in place.

Gotta float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.




To bee or not to bee

Last night we had a hail storm that stripped leaves from trees and petals from flowers. The yard and patio are a mess. I went out with my camera to assess the damage and was happy to find many busy bees.

Don't think I've seen this type of bee before. Many on flowers this morning.

Don’t think I’ve seen this type of bee before. Many of them were on the flowers in one bed this morning.


Bee with pollen

Meanwhile, in another bed, some bumblebees were hard at work. Note the pollen on back legs.


Didn't even know that bee was in frame until after the fact.

Didn’t even know this bee was in the frame until after the fact!

Earth is a flower and it’s pollinating.
~  Neil Young