Bee back soon

Our neighborhood streets are treacherous right now — icy ruts surrounded by berms of frozen snow. I’ve been wearing Yaktrax for our daily walks with Emma, but they’re uncomfortable when walking on clear pavement, so today I convinced myself there’d been enough meltage that they weren’t necessary.

Wrong. Just minutes from home and the end of our two-mile walk, I was suddenly on my butt in the street. And now I’m grumpy. My left knee is sore from being twisted and my neck and shoulders have that jammed-up feeling that comes from trying to break a fall.

So what’s the remedy? A little yoga plus a warm memory from last June:

I remember sitting next to the Lamb’s Ear that day, photographing the busy bees as they went about their pollinating business. Someday soon, I’ll be back in my happy place in the backyard. It’ll be me, the perennials, and a whole lot of bees.

But no ice.

5 thoughts on “Bee back soon

  1. Aww Tracy, I hope you feel better soon. We’ve been getting a lot of black ice here in the uk and it’s treacherous.
    The Lamb’s Ear plant is beautiful with its velvet-soft leaves and delicate lavender flowers. Spring isn’t that far off now. πŸ™‚

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  2. beautiful photos, I love winter but well know too that it’s always better to look at than to be in sometimes being it so often makes it impossible to get around and do the simplest things πŸ™‚

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  3. What a nice picture! Maybe my lamb’s ear will bloom this year.

    I’m sorry you fell. I like how you handle it with resilience by doing nice relaxing things for yourself and trying to focus on something pleasant. If you have a decent bathtub, soaking in Epsom salt does wonders! It’s one of the cheapest and easiest ways to soak away pain (or leech out infections) since the 1800s.

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    • Hi Melanie! I hope your Lamb’s Ear blooms this year and all the neighborhood bees come to visit.

      Epsom salts would’ve been a good idea. Fortunately, I felt better after doing some stretching and relaxing. We have another treacherous ice day happening today as temps were warmer yesterday and then snow this morning. My Yaktrax can’t get a grip on glass-like ice. Ugh.

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