I researched so you wouldn’t have to

I photographed this bee in the open space in early July and hadn’t looked at the image since. But I was intrigued enough just now to go down the online research rabbit hole. “Green bee” gave me too many hits, but “metallic green bee” narrowed the responses.

July 2, 2022


I’m pretty darned sure this is a Hymenoptera-Halictidae-Agapostemon melliventris, otherwise known as the Honey-tailed Striped Sweat Bee.

Oh, and that pink thing is a thistle. Just kidding . . . it’s a Musk Thistle (Nodding Thistle).

You’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “I researched so you wouldn’t have to

  1. Metallic green bees were the ones that inspired me to learn a little more about native bees. Who knew there were so many? Stunning photo of the little gal on the pink musk thistle!

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