Bee grateful

Today I’m grateful for many things, including the pollinators in my backyard. Here’s a sampling of the different species I spotted. A hardworking honey bee on the fern bush:

A cheery bumble bee tucked deep in one of the many sunflowers blooming right now:

I believe this is a rusty spider wasp (a better image than what I captured last summer):

And a black wasp that was very, very busy — moving from bloom to bloom and then suddenly circling my head before flying away over the sunflowers and out of sight:

No butterflies or hummingbirds in this session, despite this being The Summer of Hummingbirds. I’ve heard and seen more hummingbirds these past months than the twenty-five years I’ve lived here.

6 thoughts on “Bee grateful

  1. I’ve never seen a rusty spider wasp before, but it is very pretty! I’m always a big advocate for moths as pollinators. I don’t know why they always seem to get side-lined by their butterfly sisters. There are moths that are just as attractive a butterflies. The hawkmoth (aka white Sphinx moth) is one of my favorites and sounds like a hummingbird on steroids. 🙂

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