Hello, Universe

I’ve been struggling  and I know I’m not alone. We in the United States have been told in very clear terms that we are on our own. Our government serves the wealthy and powerful, and that’s it. We the People get crumbs while the elites party on.

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Mental health is a huge issue for many, many people right now. Life’s always been a tough row to hoe, but this pandemic has upped the ante. I’m fortunate in that I have my writing. The middle-grade novel I’ve worked on for the past eight months has been my lifeline. I am very grateful for this project. However, if all goes according to plan, I’ll be sending the manuscript to my agent by the end of the month. And then what? Each time I think of COVID minus a writing project, my anxiety surges.

So here’s my official statement to the universe: Hellooo, I am open to new story ideas!


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  1. The notice that we were on our own went up on the wall with Hurricane Katrina. Everything since then has been furniture re-arranging as the Titanic sinks. And what does Titantic represent? The Hubris of Man; what you watch slip away is just that. Instead, or in addition to, looking for a new book idea, you (all) are better off coming to terms with the paradigm you wish your soul to inhabit. The world as you knew it, is gone, and it is not coming back. It is only the surprised (unprepared, asleep) mind that finds gloom, doom, grief and fear in all the ruckus, and indeed, that keeps the chicken running without its head! For in actuality, it is the uplifting of Planet Humanity that is underway. Have any of you lived through a remodeling? It wasn’t fun was it? Can you imagine what it would feel like if you lived through a remodeling without knowing you were in line to get one? Well, now you don’t have to imagine. Just strap in, and hold on to Love because that will be your destination heading.. And, p.s., that is Love as in Unconditional, not Love according to your definition/understanding. And if you DON’T want to go this way? No worries. There are plenty of worlds that WILL support your choice to fear, doubt, pick sides and judge others until you get tired of it and want a different way. It’s a win/win folks! As for the dying? It’s just a doorway. A transition. A big one, granted, but there you will be (as in wherever you go, there you are) on the other side of the thing you once thought was Real and Only. The Big Ha Ha. And just a note from a reader of books? My favorites are books that feel true. Not characters that are imitating something true. Personally, grow faint at the notion of writing that close to the bone. I have yet to summon the courage of raw perception one must possess (or allows themselves to be possessed by) to enter that sacred space. Hats off to y’all on your journey there.


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