Revision meets Finch tableau

This photo seems fitting today as I continue revising my middle-grade novel based on a critique partner’s (CP) comments.

House Finches + Goldfinch. May 23, 2020.

Her insights are helping me ground each character in key scenes. This CP excels at noting the many moving pieces in my story, reminding me to take into account each character’s perspective. Revision is a dream when I’m equipped with such a good map. Much gratitude to Marcia.

(Another CP is reading the same version Marcia received and I’m beaming thoughts to the universe that his feedback aligns with hers because otherwise, yikes. What will I do with a whole new map? Breathe, Tracy. Breathe.)

2 thoughts on “Revision meets Finch tableau

    • You’re right, I know. I’m REALLY hoping it doesn’t come down to that. I actually just sent my 2nd reader a text to let him know that if he hadn’t yet read the final chapters, he shouldn’t. There’s some cringe-inducing stuff in there that I’m currently revising out of existence. HA!

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