Garden variety envy

May 24, 2021

I’m starting to see iris in full bloom around the neighborhood. One home has two banks of deep purple irises which are absolutely stunning and another front yard is filled with white iris blooming.

My garden? A grand total of four potential iris blooms in the front and back gardens. What the hell? (I’m so grumpy I’m not even going to attempt taking another photo that at least pretends to be in focus).

And the indignities don’t end with the iris. I passed a yard today that was ablaze with blooming allium. I just checked on my plants and this is what’s happening here:

One puny, non-spherical bloom. Not only that, it’s really short. Again, what the hell?

15 thoughts on “Garden variety envy

  1. I know, right? We have ONE iris open out of 30. Nothing else going on. All I can say is: flowers, you better put on a show in a week or so. Or I’m calling the Astroturf contractor!
    (Just kidding. I wouldn’t really replace them with Astroturf.)

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    • Late reply here: wanted to say, at least you have 30 iris ready to go. I’ve only got a handful that will bloom this year. Almost all are just fans. I saw my first one bloomed in the back yesterday. Hooray!


      • Hi! I have had so many seasons with my garden and maybe a few of the phases were very immersive – but prefer more hands off these days and this is why I don’t have bulbs that need to be divided – lol! So I can relate
        – I I do not mind some early season prep work
        Have a good day

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      • Little update on the iris situation: have noticed that most iris clumps in neighborhood only have a stalk or two in bloom. There are a couple yards with many in bloom, but most seem to be like mine. We had an early freeze and lots of unusual moisture in the spring. Anyway, I’m not feeling too persecuted anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • oh thanks for the update and that makes sense that climate or something environmental played a part
        i am not sure if gladiolus are similar to iris – but when i grew those hearty beauties (15+ years) i remember they had a few dud seasons and then would thrive for a few years and then low blooms
        maybe a life analogy for people too – sometimes we flourish and other times we hold our own and just stay stable

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