Hair today

In case anyone’s interested in an update, I got my hair cut and it feels so, so good to have lost that length and weight!


The stylist spent lots of time talking with me about my wants, needs, hair-care practices (um, mostly non-existent) and collaborated with me on a plan. She demonstrated how to do the basic styling seen here and set me up for a complimentary appointment in a week so we can reassess. She said she didn’t care if it took us five more cuts to get it right. According to her, this is a work in progress.

I’m already very happy and can’t wait to take it out on a test run. I’d convinced myself over the years that I needed to be able to pull back my hair when I run, but am thinking the lack of hair on the back of my neck is going to feel quite good.

P.S. The stylist and salon were also mindful of people’s health and safety. Hooray!

10 thoughts on “Hair today

  1. Happy haircut, Tracy. It looks great! As soon as my stylist was cutting hair again, I was one of the first through her door….as I wear my hair very short and was desperate! Fortunately, she has been mindful throughout of Covid rules and peoples’ needs!

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    • Thank you, Sandy. It’s a good change, I think. That’s wonderful you were able to see your stylist asap! I know what it’s like to have short hair grow out to something unwieldy. And good on her for being mindful of others.

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