Climate Collapse

This weekend has been deathly hot in the Pacific Northwest. You know, the part of the country known for moderate temperatures and lots of moisture?

Parts of Michigan are flooded right now after receiving 7 inches of rain yesterday. SEVEN INCHES OF RAIN IN ONE DAY!

Detroit. June 26, 2021

In a sane world, the powers-that-be would be mobilizing to address the climate crisis. They’d be making huge changes RIGHT NOW to minimize climate collapse. I mean, they see these photos. They live on this planet with the rest of us. Sure, they’ve got money and power, but their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren will be affected. They can’t all take rockets to Mars.

What’re they doing instead? Bowing down to institutional tradition. Bloviating about bipartisanship and preserving the filibuster. They care more about appearances and being the so-called adults in the room than working to ensure a livable future. The Democrats have ALL the power and refuse to wield it.

Why? Because they don’t care.

I loathe the GOP with every fiber of my being, but I give them credit for using their power to advance their agenda. The Dems are just spineless upholders of the status quo. Unfortunately, that status quo is quickly marching us toward an uninhabitable planet.

4 thoughts on “Climate Collapse

  1. the climate crisis didn’t arrive over night and the cure, if that is what you call slowing, will only happen, when the bridges of understanding are built between those who now oppose each other. Remember this, the more apart the heart of the nation is, the most likely that people will not work together. It’s time we Turned to God, as the prophet Isaiah says, who has the power to do anything, amen,but it’s mercy for the merciful, compassion for the compassionate, in other words, we need to build a new world of relationships before it’s beyond redemption, amen.


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  3. People and many animals will die from that heat on the northwest. It is really shocking. It is beyond comprehension that there are still those that deny what is occurring and continue to build a policy platform on that denial. In Australia, our per capita emissions are higher than that of the US. A new deputy PM has been installed this week with the support of party members in coal seats. Our PM won’t commit to a net zero target by 2050. It seems like the government is waiting for the Republicans to get in again. In the meantime, delay delay delay.

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