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At this point, I’m not sure which is more difficult: a flat-out sprint on a narrow wire suspended many feet above the ground





or successfully and seamlessly including all desired character and plot elements in this draft I’m committed to finishing by June 30.

The pressure comes from knowing I’m going to print and bind this draft and that it’ll be much easier to work on it if all elements are already included. The thing is, I’m probably being too ambitious because there’s SO MUCH going on with this subject matter that I’m trying to include. But at this point, I’m inserting stuff as placeholders with the knowledge that some (most?) will get cut farther along in the process.

Anyway, that power line challenge looks pretty appealing right now.

3 thoughts on “Choose your challenge

  1. You can do it! I have faith in you. Small steps at a time, and like Anne Lamott puts it, just do it bird by bird. Yeah, there’s only a few days left, but deadlines are what push us to grow. Keep going!

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    • Wow. Thank you so much for that pep talk, Stuart. And it’s so true about the bird by bird aspect of it all. I’m gonna keep on pushing through and make that deadline, by golly. 🙂


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