Goal met!

As mentioned here (and here and here), I set a goal to finish another draft of my middle grade novel by June 30th. Today is that day and I’m pleased to report I just placed an order to have the manuscript printed and bound!

Image by Febri Amar from Pixabay

To be clear, this is NOT a photo of me. I don’t have mad hops, not even on my best days, and right now I’m too tuckered to leap anywhere except possibly onto the couch. Rest assured, though, my inner Tracy is currently jumping for joy.

Hooray for setting and meeting personal goals!

18 thoughts on “Goal met!

  1. Hey – so glad you met your goal and whew – I can imagine the decompression that will
    Follow and how it will feel to read the bound copy!
    Glad you are jumping for joy inside

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  2. PS
    And I met most of my goals for June – remember I mentioned I set some after being is ores by your aim
    Anyhow – even tho I didn’t get it all done / I got to more of than i wood ha e if I did not get the list and self-imposed deadline going

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    • Thank you! I ordered from Office Depot/Office Max. Each time I do this I have to reinvent the process it seems bc I don’t remember what I did the last time. Yesterday I ordered a Manual which is spiral bound. One-sided. I also requested (as always) 10 blank pages added to the back so I can write notes, etc. Mine was 188 pages and with the 25% off coupon, the total came to about $24 which is a pretty good deal, I think.

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