Twofer Tuesday: perching birds

We spent one night at Jackson Lake State Park in late May and were gifted with many bird sightings. This male Bullock’s Oriole patiently posed on  a post while I took photos, turning this way and that, allowing a complete view of his plumage.

There were several swallow species flying about and I took many photos of them in flight, none of which turned out well. This Barn Swallow was very considerate and graciously perched on a roof.

Later, as Zippy and I walked along a trail, we spotted a flash of red up ahead. He studied the bird through the binoculars and said, “Wow, it’s some really big red bird” and then passed the binoculars to me. I also briefly thought it was some unknown big, red species, and then my brain kicked in: we were looking at a House Finch, a species we see every single day in our yard. Yes, it was an unusually red male. But was it truly a large bird? No! It only appeared that way because of the binoculars. You know, that tool we use to help see things better via  magnification?

Birding. The gift that keeps on giving.

11 thoughts on “Twofer Tuesday: perching birds

  1. I’ve never seen such beautiful birds! The Oriole must have enjoyed his photo shoot and the Barn Swallow is perfectly preened for his portrait. Look at the sheen on those feathers. 😀


  2. Beautiful birds! I got to see a Kingfisher for the first time on Monday, but he was not inclined to hold still for a picture. Still, my fellow Nature-led friend and I were so excited to see it at the same time we kind of squealed in excitement scaring some poor fellow riding by on his bike.

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    • Ooh, lucky you on the Kingfisher sighting! I laughed out loud reading about you and friend squealing with excitement and frightening the bicyclist. 🙂 I saw one this summer as I drove past where it perched on a wire above a stream. The outline was recognizable but I couldn’t see any details, and I was still SO excited. So I can imagine your glee!

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