8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: equine edition

  1. These horses have such a nice pasture to roam in!

    There is a horse boarding place near me that drives me bonkers. They keep too many horses in a small pasture that is barren with nothing but over trod dirt that instantly turns to mud. This being the Pacific Northwest, it is more often that not, just mud. At its worst, hooves spent in long durations in the mud can lead to hoof rot. However, this horse boarding place seems to stay just over the acceptable side of not being full on animal abuse or neglect. It’s a paltry allowance. I wish these horses had a pasture like that!

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    • YES to the pasture! I get so very upset about horses and cows and whoever else being forced to stand in horrible muck all day. That’s the only reason I felt okay posting this photo because it seemed like a truly nice environment for them.

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      • We have a lot of nice stables and pastures around here. I don’t understand why anyone would board their horse there, but maybe there is a shortage of affordable boarding options now. Another thing the over development of McMansions has ruined.

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