#Caturday editorial assistant

I was working on revisions in bed this morning when Marcel decided to check out the happenings. In true feline form, he chose to curl up on the very document I’d just set next to me.

As gently as possible, I removed it from beneath his vast bulk. Not to be dissuaded from his mission of chaos, Marcel began noisily licking the plastic bag containing my highlighters and post-its. I was less gentle in that removal.

A few minutes later, I relocated to the patio. Marcel is an indoor-only cat.

P.S. While they didn’t directly obscure my materials, a couple hummingbirds got into multiple dust-ups as I worked outside, distracting me with their darting aggression.

It’s pretty obvious that I deserve a medal for getting any work done today.

9 thoughts on “#Caturday editorial assistant

  1. I used to call my cat a “dirty bag licker” because it’s funny and it’s true. My dog is a “stinky sock sniffer.” My husband is a Slow Loris. He’ll get to it eventually, whatever “it” is and he’ll likely do it when I’m headed off to bed, because Slow Loris are nocturnal. Ha,ha,ha.


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