Send lawyers guns and money

Okay, I’m being a big dramatic. But something’s gotta give here in Day 4 (or is it Day 5?) of working on the same damned chapter. I’m stuck.

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Each time I think I’ve sorted things and gotten some momentum, I come to another screeching halt. It’s part brain, part exhausted-by-reality, part lack of confidence, and part what’s-the-freaking-point.

Maybe I’ve jinxed myself by repeatedly expressing my gratitude for being able to create during these incredibly difficult days. Earlier this week, I did just that, sharing with a non-writer friend how grateful I was to be able to immerse myself in my project. I told her many creatives aren’t functioning as they’d like these days.

And now I’m not, either. Instead, I’m stuck between the rock and a hard place. Send lawyers, guns, and money.

11 thoughts on “Send lawyers guns and money

  1. Hi Tracy, wish I had some great words of wisdom for you. I have never written anything longer than a grad school thesis and my go to strategy when getting stuck in that process was a good multi-mile run. But, that used to be my answer for most things.

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  2. Is it a scene in your story that is sticking? I find it helps to sketch things out so I can describe it better. Mind you I am terrible at drawing, but I need it only as a tool to make sure that I can clearly communicate what is going or how I’m trying to describe a character. Two of my favorite books that are short and quick (I have dyslexia, so if its quick for me then you could read them even faster) are: The Art Of Subtext: Beyond The Plot By Charles Baxter and The Art Of War For Writers: Fiction Writing Strategies, tactics, and Exercises. Good luck!

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    • Thank you for these suggestions, Melanie. Much appreciated! I was able to push on through yesterday and am now revising it again. I think going public with my angst somehow helped me get it done. I’m going to check out those titles. πŸ™‚

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    • I absolutely agree about those blocks happening for a reason. I thought I’d captured the essence of the interaction in that chapter 4-5 times before finally hitting on the right tone. My subconscious knew what was happening.

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