My tail’s wagging

Photo by Skyler Ewing from Pexels

Today, I ran for the first time in six weeks since injuring my foot while trail-running with Wildebeest. The boot‘s been off a little over two weeks, but I stayed on the streets and ran at a leisurely pace. Although there was no pain, I forced myself to walk before hitting 2.5 miles. Just to be safe. And I iced my foot upon my return.

I’m so happy! Man, I’ve missed the runner’s high.

11 thoughts on “My tail’s wagging

  1. tracy – smiling with you and congrats on letting things heal and going slow until today’s 2.5 miles.
    I had broken ribs in June 2019 and it took around 10 months to fully heal – I don’t do a lot of pull ups – just a few to fire up the core (and we have two pull up bars in our house from when the boys were little) anyhow, when I did my first official pull up = which was more of a long hold with a certain position = it was sweetness
    cheers to your healing

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  2. I’m so envious of you for getting the runner’s high. I myself have never experienced that, but it’s all worthwhile in the end when I come home and realise I’ve just done a good thing for my body. That’s an amazing feeling too!

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    • I admit to having to drag my butt out the door sometimes, but when I get warmed up I usually run with a smile on my face. And YES to that amazing feeling that comes from doing something good for ourselves.


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