Pretty sure I have Covid right now (while being the most introverted version of my introverted self during this pandemic).

Pretty sure Wildebeest has Covid (while working for starvation wages in the restaurant industry that prioritizes people’s “rights” to dine inside, maskless, while the poor/desperate workers drop like flies).

Positive that Zebu had Covid a couple weeks ago.

Absolutely, positive we should (at minimum) be receiving monthly checks along with a package of N95 masks and testing kits from our government. Not to mention, Biden should issue a patent waiver on vaccines to help the rest of the world’s population.

Equally positive none of that’s gonna happen. We the people are expendable in this equation.

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  1. Oh Tracy… if you have it, I hope it’s a the mildest version possible… A big virtual hug, stay strong and feel better soon! ❤
    We're clearly perceived as disposable by our "leaders", this much I'm sure of after all these painful pandemic lessons. Our Health Minister informed us that the 5th wave would hit us hard mid-January and that the two main priorities were avoiding another lockdown and keeping schools open… saving lives came up later in that disturbing speech, a sort of side note… All this days before New Year's, which we were allowed to celebrate without restrictions, much like Christmas.

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    • Thank you, Ana. Yes, whatever this is (just got pcr tested this morning) isn’t horrible. Just so unnecessary, you know? And the response from governments around the world is just appalling. Please take care and stay safe.

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        • Wildebeest just got confirmation his test was positive. We’re both feeling much better, tired but that’s mostly it. And I wanted to clarify that my “unnecessary” was in reference to how this entire pandemic has been mishandled and allowed to get to this point. None of us need covid. 😦

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          • If only we had learnt something from the whole covid experience… but I’m not sure that’s the case.
            I’m glad you’re both feeling better. Take it easy until you’re fully recovered. ❤

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  2. So sorry to hear this, Tracy. Thinking of you and hoping you all have the best possible recovery. We have free tests here in the UK, but in most other ways we have been thrown to the wolves as well. Meanwhile, the government refuses to budge on the vaccine waiver.

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    • Thank you, Amy, and I hope you and yours are staying safe. We have free rapid tests here in CO but I found out after doing two that I was swabbing my nose incorrectly (per the testing instructions). Gah. There’s no leadership on this whatsoever. Went for a pcr saliva test today so we shall see. Yep, the colonizers just keep being their colonizing selves re the vaccine waiver.


  3. I’m sorry to hear you got Covid but I’m glad it sounds like you are managing okay. I have a friend who is an ER Nurse, she had not gotten Covid until now and her whole family got it, but she is still required to report for work Covid Positive because the hospitals are so short staffed, they are in crisis mode. We are on the verge of a “critical care mandate” meaning the will only be able to treat people they think can survive their injuries or illness. Non-emergency procedures have been canceled.

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    • I still haven’t gotten my test result back but son was confirmed positive yesterday. The good news is we’re both feeling better, although I took my first walk this afternoon and am pretty tuckered right now.

      That’s awful about your ER nurse friend. Forced to work while covid-positive bc there’s such a crisis. We are failing miserably. 😦 Sending all good thoughts to your friend and her family.

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