Feathered joy

Our big snowstorm has just begun, tiny flakes drifting from the sky. In preparation, I cleaned the bird bath and replenished the feeders. Soon after, a flock of Bushtits arrived to eat at the peanut feeder, filling my heart with joy. I adore those tiny birds and curse the greedy chickadees that chase them from the food (sometimes while already holding a peanut in their beak). No pics today, but here’s a shot from last fall that I love.

October 24, 2021

That  autumnal dining experience was at a much more comfortable temperature. Currently, it’s just above freezing and the low is forecast at 14 degrees. Stay warm, wee ones.

6 thoughts on “Feathered joy

  1. Glad to hear you’re actually getting some snow on the front range these days! Hope your wrists have recuperated from all that recent shoveling. FWIW I tried to leave a note on your last post (vermiculture et al) but WordPress is being glitchy and cut me off, hmmm

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