Warm memories

We cut our neighborhood walk short today due to rapidly falling temperatures. When we left the house, it was about 39 degrees.  Approximately ten minutes later, it was 28 degrees. At least, that’s what Zippy’s phone said when he checked it. As for me, I couldn’t see much of anything because my cold nose was buried in my neck gator which then caused my glasses to steam up. All this to say, I’m craving warmer weather right now and making due with looking at summer hiking photos.

Here’s some flora and fauna from a Square Top Lakes hike:

Rocky Mountain Parnassian on a Wild Aster.  August 28, 2019

Ahh, I can practically feel that sunshine on my shoulders.


6 thoughts on “Warm memories

    • I’m such a delicate flower. 🙂 Part of it was the shock of going from 57 degrees on Sunday to rapidly dropping temps. Actually, I could handle cold temps better if I didn’t wear glasses. If my face is warm, I’m good. But in order to have a warm face, my glasses steam and then I’m pretty much blind. Today’s a balmy 6 degrees.

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  1. that is a HUGE change of temp in 10 minutes – wow

    and I like how pictures can help you patently wait for the change of seasons – and having xmas lights up still sounds like a very good idea!

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