Joyful tidings

I am overflowing with joy right now after finishing the latest round of revisions on my middle grade novel. One full day ahead of my self-imposed deadline!

July 15, 2021

I love this book. But for the next little while (two weeks, at the absolute minimum), I’m not going to think about those characters and their problems at all. I’m gonna soak up some of the life that takes place away from my standing desk and refill my well. Starting with our first camping trip of the season later this week. Woot!

Joyful tidings, indeed.

P.S. Did you know that a flock of magpies is called a “tiding”? Me, neither. So how cool is it that this morning’s oracle card drawing from my feathered messengers deck was . . . MAGPIE!

5 thoughts on “Joyful tidings

  1. I can’t say I’ve ever had such a joy!

    I think about writing all the time, but then when it is time to sit down and do it every little thing distracts me. It’s only when I feel I must be doing something else completely different that I suddenly write a few pages. It’s like I have to trick myself into doing the work! I never understood if this is just me or if I do it because when I was growing up writing was equivalent to daydreaming and I always got in trouble for daydreaming.

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    • You’re not alone in finding distractions or being distracted when writing, Melanie. I can side-track myself quite easily as I develop a sudden interest in doing a load of laundry or dusting the furniture. I hope it it’s connected to your daydreaming “trouble,” you can find a way to remind yourself that neither daydreaming nor writing is a bad thing. Write away!

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