One of those pandemic days

This day started off pretty well — among other things, added 20 minutes to my yearly hoop-dancing total — and then Zippy and I went out to deliver food boxes to people via Rocky Mountain Mutual Aid Network. And I think that’s where the day began to feel not-so-good, when we were out and about, and saw that the vast majority of people were unmasked in indoor spaces. It wasn’t news: this is how it’s been for months and months. For some reason, it hit me harder today. How can we as a society normalize mass death and disability? How can we sacrifice our health for “freedom”? What will we do when our healthcare system collapses beneath the weight of our selfishness?emot

Anyway, here’s a pretty flower.

Wild aster. July 13, 2022

Wishing you and yours a safe and healthy weekend.

5 thoughts on “One of those pandemic days

  1. Is it that bad over the pond, Tracy? There have been increasing numbers reported here in the uk and I can see us having to introduce safety measures again.
    I love the white flower!

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    • It’s very bad. Pediatric units are nearing capacity due to a variety of viruses. Millions out with Long Covid. The equivalent of 9/11 deaths each week. And the Centers for Disease Control is telling us to wash our hands for an airborne virus! Please stay masked and safe, Lesley.

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