Our first Corsi-Rosenthal Box

A while back we offered to build a #CorsiRosenthal Box for my sister-in-law’s 2nd-grade classroom because Covid is airborne and we wanted them to stay healthy. After she figured out where she could put it in her classroom, she gave us the go-ahead. There’s a rush on furnace filters so it took a while to find some in stock and then we had to wait a bit for them to arrive.

And then we got to work. Zippy did most of the main construction and I took over when it came time to pretty-ify the device. I wanted it to look less like an invasive machine and more like a welcome member of the classroom.

I used our kids’ old ZooBooks magazines (and yes, I absolutely did get lost in looking at photos and reading some captions) to create three panels. They should also lower the noise a bit, too. It feels good knowing they’ll have clean air in their classroom and I’m hoping other teachers will see this and want one of their own.





We’re going to build one for us next, but we learned something we hadn’t foreseen: cats want to scratch on the box. I had to chase Marcel away as I worked, so maybe we’ll have to place ours higher, on a table or something. After I got him to stop scratching, he got busy climbing in and out of the box the filters arrived in.  But that’s kitty behavior I can get behind.

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