#Caturday memories

Last year, I took a series of photos of Loki and Marcel so I could make a birthday card for our neighbor who takes care of them while we’re away. I went back to them now in search of a #Caturday image, and couldn’t resist this one of them half-heartedly struggling to be free of Zippy’s grip:

Or this image of weary resignation:

Or this photo of the brothers looking off in the distance, as if hoping help was on the way:

Ah, memories.

6 thoughts on “#Caturday memories

  1. This is adorable, I love it! We did a Christmas card one year with us, our turtle and cat. The turtle with a cheap red stick-on bow and the Cleo the cat looking at it like, “Oh no, not you.” She would prefer Yertle stay in her tank under the basking light. (We didn’t know how to gender a turtle when we rescued her.)

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