Sunday Confessional: I loathe the time change

I know there are much bigger issues to address than the inanity of turning the clocks back, but right now it’s on my mind. Why?

Because my cats are yowling to be fed . . . a full forty-five minutes ahead of schedule.

And because it’s pitch dark outside even though it’s only 5:15.

Not to mention how I’ve been disoriented all day because my phone auto-corrected to the time-change but other clocks, such as the one on the oven, didn’t automatically correct themselves. But I can never remember which already changed and which is still in need of being set back an hour on these torturous time-change days. (And yes, I know we should just go ahead and change everything at the same time but we have an old clock radio that’s extremely temperamental and Zippy has to psyche himself up to get that one working right).

Image by Gabe Raggio from Pixabay

Can we get a petition going to end this “falling back” madness?

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