R’s Gift to Me

Wanted to give an update on the R situation.  He called me last night and apologized (several times) for not answering his phone when I called.  He said he knew that I worried about him and that he should have answered.  He promised to answer from now on and told me he didn’t want to lose me as a friend.

And the best part was he sounded calm.  There have been times in the past when he’s been emotional about something and the panic makes it hard for him to speak.  Last night he was completely in control.

I think we both feel much better.


24 thoughts on “R’s Gift to Me

    • It sounds patronizing but I’m still going to say it: I was proud of him because that’s not his usual approach. I figured I was out like all the other people he’s lost over the years.


  1. This is so good to hear, Tracy! I’m very happy R made the effort and you can both move forward in a positive way.


    • It meant a lot to me that after he calmed down, he remembered that I really do care about him and want him to be okay. He’s lost other friendships and I thought I was probably out now, too.


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