Friday Five: Satisfaction Edition


1)  My new whiteboard is working out very well, despite the injury it sustained on the way home from the store.
For those interested, here are great directions for making and installing a whiteboard.

2)  With the help of the aforementioned whiteboard, I’m figuring out all sorts of stuff about my YA project
and am preparing to dive into the second draft.  And it doesn’t feel as if this dive will be a belly flop, either.

3)  My garden is lush and jungle-like because of all the rain.

4)  Zebu and Wildebeest have transitioned nicely into summer vacation and, dare I say it?, are getting along.

5)  Today is Zippy’s last day of cardio rehab following the stents he received, and I’m so impressed by his hard work
and dedication to good health. 

Wishing all of you a most satisfactory weekend!


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