Contorting in Synopsis Hell


So I’m working on a synopsis right now.


I decided I’d like to blog about the not-fun.
And wondered if there was a cool image to go with my entry.

When I Googled I was thinking of an image that was
slimy or sharp-toothed.
Noxious and sulfurous and all-around-yuck.

Something that taunted.

Instead, I found this.  A Romeo and Juliet synopsis/mind-map:

Go here for larger view.

And now I’m not feeling so daunted by the task ahead of me.

(Whaddya say, kellyrfineman?  Bet you can do this, right?)

15 thoughts on “Contorting in Synopsis Hell

    • I love that: trying to shrink the world. HA! Maybe if I coated the story in plastic and used a blow dryer, it would contract in just the right proportions. I’m going to ponder this…


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