Obama’s Big Sellout by Matt Taibbi

No, I’m not talking escalation in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Or health care reform.

I’m talking about how "the president has packed his economic team with Wall Street insiders intent on turning the bailout into an all-out giveaway."

Here’s the link that takes you to Matt Taibbi’s article, "Obama’s Big Sellout," in the current issue of Rolling Stone.
I forced myself to read the article.
I hope you’ll read it, too.

Obama and all those rich Wall Street bastards are counting on us not paying attention.
Knowledge is power
and until we understand the breadth
of greed and selfishness coming from the top,
we don’t stand a chance of stopping this.

For those more visually-inclined,
here’s a video of Matt Taibbi summarizing his article: Obama’s Big Sellout.

I absolutely recommend Mr. Taibbi’s work.
He’s smart and funny and cuts to the quick with his assesments.
He makes Rolling Stone absolutely relevant in this era.
I’m so glad Wildebeest has a subscription.

2 thoughts on “Obama’s Big Sellout by Matt Taibbi

    • Re: About that “change you can believe in”…

      Ain’t it the truth. We’ve gotta make some big changes but we can’t do it if people aren’t paying attention (and I include myself in that).


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