Gift Ideas

Yesterday the Street Reach volunteers
bagged gifts for our annual toy drive.

This year we provided gifts for 1000 children
from about 320 families.

When families sign up they provide the sex and age
of each child and we give each a gift.

The gifts are sorted by age groups and we walk around
"shopping" for the right gifts which we put in a numbered bag.

Even though it’s a good cause, I get a little tense
because selecting gifts feels like sex-role stereotyping.
Dolls-for-girls and footballs-for-boys sort of thing.
(My family donated books but there weren’t nearly enough).

I’m putting together a list of suggestions for next year’s drive
and I thought you all might have some great gift ideas.
We especially fell short for the teens (and there were lots this year).

We try to keep the gifts at $10 or less (bought on sale).

I’d appreciate any sex-neutral suggestions.

Thank you in advance!

7 thoughts on “Gift Ideas

  1. First of all, kudos to you for caring so much about kids in your community. May your generosity be returned a hundredfold (or more)!

    Hmm, gender-neutral gifts, eh? I can’t believe this is the first thing that came to mind, but I guess that’s what comes of trying new things….

    I recommend art supplies of all kinds (paints, crayons, colored pens and markers, watercolor and graphite pencils, stamp pads and stamps, glue sticks and fancy paper, scissors, etc.). AND, of course, sketch pads or journals in which to experiment.


    • This is a great idea. I bet we could put various supplies together in zip-lock bags so volunteers wouldn’t have to package it. Excellent!

      Thank you, Melodye, for these ideas plus all you do for those reading girls in SoCal.


  2. Great suggestion, Melodye! I could only come up with travel mugs with packets of hot chocolate, key rings, and cool calendars. I’ll come back if I think of more things.

    And what a wonderful thing you’re doing, Tracy. There is so much need. I’m off to the Sunshine Pantry today with bags of food.


  3. Gender neutral for teens, eh?

    The other suggestions were great. Teens like photos – Disposable camera with prepaid developing? This’ll sound like it’s for girls, but it’s not actually gender-specific these days – cubic zirconia post earrings?


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