What say you?


Northern Flicker
camped out in the feeder
filled with seeds he can’t eat.

Is he confused?
Wasting time?

Or is it maybe that he needs
to take a load off?
Catch his breath
and look around.

Maybe that bird appreciates what’s there
rather than bemoaning what’s not.

Then again,
maybe this is just another
ugly case of anthropomorphism.


16 thoughts on “What say you?

    • He was hunkered down in the dish when I saw him but by the time I got back with my camera, he was in profile-mode. So yeah, I think he was posing.

      According to my Sibley, Northern Flickers are all around the country. So keep your eyes peeled.


    • Funny you should say that, Jeannine. Zippy took me to task for the “ugly” in my sentence. I guess it’s that I feel arrogant or something when I project my thoughts and feelings on birds. You’re right, it’s perfectly fine to imagine what that flicker might be thinking.


  1. Fantastic picture! All this wonderful pix make me want to find a place for a birdfeeder in our yard so I can try some…don’t know if the wind will allow for one, however.


    • It’s very windy here, too. Some days a Mourning Dove will be clinging to the dish as the feeder swings to and fro. Maybe if you could place one relatively close to the trunk of a tree, it would be sheltered via trunk and branches? It’s worth a try, I say!


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