New kind of bravery

This morning I came across  ‘s post about trying new things.
Then I read  ‘s post in which she invited us to be brave in our lives.

And the wheels in my brain started to turn,
which, in turn, caused my heart to pound.
Because I knew what new thing I’d like to try.
It’s something that would require a great amount of bravery.
In fact, my heart’s pounding again as I write this.

I want to take hooping lessons.
There, I said it!

But just the thought of demonstrating
my clunky, flow-less hooping to a pro
causes me great panic.

I mean, look at her:

This woman lives in my area and offers private lessons.
(Group lessons would totally overwhelm me, I think).

On the one hand, my new year’s resolutions included
learning to Beam Me Up (a cool hooping trick) and improving my flow.

She is so very good and I’m so very, um, what’s the word I’m looking for?


27 thoughts on “New kind of bravery

  1. What a joyful, gloriously courageous way to celebrate the New Year!

    Take a deep breath and sign up for those lessons–remembering, as always, that everything begins with the breath…


      • Nope, it is a neutral thing, as are singing lessons. Funny, isn’t it, the freedoms we so willingly give away for/to [fill in the blank]? I was just thinking about this in the context of writing memoir yesterday. Your post (and Lorraine’s) has me thinking of it anew….

        (edited for length)


    • Re: Cheers to YOU!

      I’m going to start using “hoopery” more often. What a fun word. Thank you for your vote of confidence, Laura. I definitely have fun so if I can improve the fluid part….


  2. “So very good” is what you want in a teacher, silly.

    And I think anything that makes your heart pound when you think about trying it is usually something you should give a go, mate. I was going to say always give a go, but then . . . well, I thought maybe not EVERYTHING.


    • I knew as I pointed out how good she is that it was a silly thing to say. I mean, I definitely wouldn’t want to take lessons from a very bad hooper. Hell, I could get that for free!

      And are you saying you don’t think it’d be wise for you to give Johnny Depp a go, mate?


  3. Dude. She teaches lessons because people need them. People like you. (People like me know better than to even try – I’ve never, ever, ever kept a hoop up. Not even once.)


    • I know. I’m so silly. However, people like you could also try because the only reason you have never, ever kept a hoop up is that you tried with one of those fly-weight plastic jobbies from the supermarket. Am I right? I can’t keep one of those up, either. Add a little weight, though, and shazam!, you’d be hooping!


  4. My whole family enjoyed this video!

    How cool is she?

    And so are you. Hardly Frankenstein, except, of course, for that mask, although that was more Scream than Frankie.

    Thanks for sharing!!


    • I love the thought of you gathered around watching that hooping magic. That woman is very cool and graceful and sinewy and…..(deep breath) she’s the perfect teacher for me, right?

      More Scream than Frankenstein? That might be the nicest thing anyone ever said to me. 🙂


  5. Oh go for it, Tracy! You’ll love it, I know it.
    And hey, teachers aren’t judging their students, they just want to help them improve.
    And you’re awesome, Tracy…if fact, your video rocked. When are you going to show us another one?


    • You’re so nice to me, Lorraine. Can I send you some chocolate?

      I know teachers don’t judge. She wouldn’t need to anyway since I’m doing so much of that myself. If, I mean, when I take a lesson or two, I’ll see if I can put together another video. 🙂


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