Exhilaration vs. Hyperventilation


I love roller coasters.
But I also panic at the thought of roller coasters.

I’m feeling those same mixed emotions as I prepare to embark on this revision.

I’m thrilled at the thought of finally creating the book I’d intended
but also a bit nervous about what I might experience along the way.

I know there will be thrills and spills.
And undoubtedly this revision will involve some screaming
and white knuckles.
Followed by more screaming.
Let’s just hope I don’t ever wet myself,
not even a little bit.

Okay,  here goes . . .

8 thoughts on “Exhilaration vs. Hyperventilation

  1. I hate roller-coasters.

    But I love your analogy.

    And while I’m not willing to sit in the front seat with you, I’m right behind you! Sometimes I can’t even hear myself screaming, the wind’s whistling so loud in my ears.


    • I have to admit, looking at this pic makes me “hate” more than love. I’m a total chicken on them and close my eyes and scream. I definitely don’t sit in the front, either.

      Basically, I’m a poser! 🙂

      screaming with you…………………….


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