Clothes pin?


I’m supposed to be revising right now.
I was, up until two minutes ago
when I tiptoed away from my pages.

The thing is,
the whole project seems pretty stinky right now.

I’m not sure if I should
(A) call it a night before I do more damage or
(B) put a clothes pin on my nose and keep at it.

Maybe I will 
(C) crack open a cold beer and ponder the situation.

11 thoughts on “Clothes pin?

    • Don’t be mad, Sheela, but I’m done. I did stick with it (minus the clothes pin) and got myself to a much better place. I just printed out my pages and stopped for the day.

      But I’m rooting for you and your revisions. Go, Sheela, go!!!!


  1. I can’t remember who posted recently about the hell for writers (want to say it was Lauren Barnholdt?), “where it’s always 3 o’clock in the morning and everything you’re writing is garbage.” I say that beer sounds good. 🙂


    • I appreciate that, Phoebe. It does help to know other writers battle those very same super-stinky demons. By the time I got done, I didn’t think it reeked, either. Such flighty emotions!


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