Frederick Douglass on Haiti

I regard her [Haiti] as the original pioneer emancipator of the nineteenth century. It was her one brave example that first of all started the Christian world into a sense of the Negro’s manhood. It was she who first awoke the Christian world to a sense of “the danger of goading too far the energy that slumbers in a black man’s arm.” Until Haiti struck for freedom, the conscience of the Christian world slept profoundly over slavery.
– Hon. Frederick Douglass, ex-United States Minister to the Republic of Haiti, January 2, 1893.

Here’s the link to Douglass’s entire World’s Fair lecture.

Haiti has always struggled mightily
to survive on her own terms.
She’s strong, I know.
I just wish the universe would quit testing her.

8 thoughts on “Frederick Douglass on Haiti

  1. That’s a wonderful quote, Tracy. Thank you for sharing it.

    I’m with you and Frederick Douglass — January 1, 1804 is one of the great dates in human history. And Haiti has had way too many tough breaks. Enough already.


    • Tracy~Thank you for this thoughtful, grace-filled entry. I’m ashamed to admit that I wasn’t aware of Haiti’s history until the earthquake happened and Pat Robertson opened his bile-filled yapper.


      • Maybe that’s the one bright spot in Pat Robertson’s ugly tirade, getting people curious about Haiti’s history. I’m fortunate to have an older sister who gave me excellent books when I was growing up. On the desk right here I have the copy of Life and Times of Frederick Douglass she gave me for Christmas in 1977. It’s an extraordinary book.


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