Friday Five: Notebook Love


1)  I love spiral-bound notebooks.

2)  I love this notebook I’m using for revisions,
a notebook formerly used by Wildebeest:

3)  I love that I can keep my pen and pencil handy
for immediate use:

4)  I love that I have pages and pages in which to jot any old thought that pops into my
head and that I can rewrite sentences and figure out characterization issues and vomit
out any angst and uncertainty here, and generally just have lots of room to move:

5)  But maybe most of all, I love that the back cover has a drawing by Wildebeest:


23 thoughts on “Friday Five: Notebook Love

    • If you need help keeping that nasty critic at bay, I’m sure Wildebeest could whip up another. Or, better yet, consider this little guy your protector, too. He looks tough enough to handle all problems.


      • I have lots of notebooks, but I’ve never really used them efficiently. Plus, none of mine have Invicible Mouse. Does Wildebeest still do cool drawings? T-boy used to draw, but not any more. He’s too critical.


      • It’s funny about notebooks and efficiency. It doesn’t always work for me on each project and some parts of the process work better than others with a notebook. I’m using this for my revision with Claudia and it just feels so good to have all my thoughts and her insights in one place.

        I guess you can say I’m experiencing notebook-crush right now.

        Drawings do help notebooks but I think Wildebeest is like T-boy; he still draws but not nearly as much, I don’t think. I try to grab what I come across to save for him because each drawing is like a little treasure.


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