Welcome, Ms. House Finch!


Five days ago I posted this photo of our brand-new yet lonely birdbath:


This morning, Carolyn asked via Facebook if we’d had any visitors yet.
I didn’t have time to respond in the negative since I had an appointment,
but when I got home I went to the window and checked out the situation.

The bird bath was empty.
Or was it?

I got my camera and was photographing the feathers
as proof of avian visitation,
when suddenly . . .
a bird appeared in the bath!

And here she is:

Our back yard is now officially a happenin’ place in the bird world!

Thanks for asking, Carolyn.  I think you’re magic!


6 thoughts on “Welcome, Ms. House Finch!

  1. Yay!! And I love that there were feathers in the bath even beforehand to let you know that birds had been dropping stealthily in.

    Now how to harness this power that I didn’t even realize I had 😉


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