Revising and yearning for spring


I met with my mentor yesterday.
The good news is, she loved what I did with the opening scene.
Bad news, I continued to make some of the same mistakes
she’d pointed out after the first read.

I’m going to share her insights with you next week.

For now, I just want to say I’m looking forward
to when all that sad, dead-looking foliage
outside my window comes back to life.

In the meanwhile, here’s a clematis from my patio last summer:

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.

6 thoughts on “Revising and yearning for spring

    • Hurray for progress! Looking forward to hearing her insights, but I think it’s also important to celebrate each bird (feather) as it comes… 🙂

      Happy weekend to you, too, Tracy. Is it too cold outside to do some hooping?


      • Weekend is gone, snow is here (and just keeps coming), and no hooping outside. I had one session outside last week but don’t think that’s going to happen again for a while. Ah well.

        I agree with you on celebrating each little piece of the whole, Melodye.


  1. Pretty clematis!

    Sometimes the typewriter keys dance and sometimes they get jammed. It’s all part of the learning process, so you’re making progress.

    Have a good weekend.


    • I can only imagine my patio filled with blooming clematis because right now it’s buried under snow. Need to get out there and shovel some more.

      My typewriter keys danced this weekend, though! (LOVE that little pic you have!)

      Hope your weekend was good, Barb. Happy Monday!


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