Family Picture


Am back from Florida trip.
Was at mother’s along with three siblings and one nephew.
We had many nice moments including laughter and teamwork
as we sorted through years of stuff.
But we also experienced some nastiness and angst.

At some point during the weekend
my sister’s husband came upon this painting at MOMA,
FAMILY PICTURE by Max Beckmann,
and forwarded it to my sister.

He said it reminded him of us:

It’s true that the painting has the exact number of family members.
But the trouble is,
my siblings and I all laid claim
to the one member leaning on a hand.
Staring into the flames.

8 thoughts on “Family Picture

    • Oh my gosh, Meredith! Gold star for such a great question!!!

      Tracy, I’ve been dealing with HUGE family issues this week, so I sympathize with some of what you went through in FL.

      And may I also add…I am so glad that you’re home!!! Home in the sense of being ensconsed in Colorado again, but also being back among your LJ friends, where you belong. 🙂


      • Melodye, I read about your situation and wish I had a magic wand for that one. My dealings were nothing along that line, and for that I’m grateful. Continuing to send you good thoughts.

        Thank you again for the warm welcome. It’s been a rough transition due to various issues/situations here on the home front, but it’s still good to be here and also back in LJ-land.


    • That is a great question, Meredith. And it’s funny, because I guess I was thinking along the lines of “It’s obvious our mother (the elder) has to be the one with white hair and her hand over her face, and the next most angst-ridden is the one staring into the flames.” You’re thinking deep thoughts and I’m thinking oy vey. 🙂


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