Getting Ready to Fly


I’m a bit sad that most photos I took while in Florida
didn’t turn out too well because of my lens limitation.
But the images I captured are enough to revive memories.
They help me remember the laughter and oohs-and-ahhs
I shared with my sister, brother, and nephew.

As I look at this Great Blue Heron taking flight,
I’m not only grateful for the gift of Kapok Park and time spent with family
but am also inspired to get back to my CLOSE TO HOME revisions.

                                                                                       © 2010 Tracy Abell

I’m going to flap my wings and soar into literary greatness.
Or something like that.

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Fly

    • It’s funny, I was almost shocked when I started looking at them on the computer after downloading; I’d expected the birds to be as magnificent and full-of-life as the images in my mind. Good thing for mental snap shots.

      And you’re right – this one is lovely. Thank you. 🙂


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