Hello, Universe?


It’s time to face reality.
The Winter Olympics have come and gone,
and I did not win a medal.

The Academy Awards have come and gone,
and, to my dismay, I did not win an Oscar.

Which can only mean one thing:
this is my year to win a publishing contract.

Right?  Right!

29 thoughts on “Hello, Universe?

  1. It has been spoken. What say ye universe?

    I’m waiting for the answer with ya . . . and keep in mind if it doesn’t happen in 2010 it just means now was not the perfect time. But it will happen. It will. I banking on 2010.


  2. Hey Tracy

    I don’t know what you’ve written, I thought you said a children’s book? I know a private publisher. Anyway, we’ll have to talk one of these days when I’m not snowed under with school. (Very smart of you to change careers by the way….love the kids, hate the beuracracy. (Can’t ever spell that word, don’t feel like trying…very tired, long day).


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